Sabliov Research Group

Bioprocessing and Colloidal Systems

Welcome to the Bioprocessing and Colloidal Systems laboratory

This research group is a part of LSU's Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. We offer research opportunities in the fields of nanoscale engineering, delivery systems synthesis and characterization, numerical modeling, and more.

Our research interests include the following:
Nanoscale engineering: nanodelivery of bioactive components for agriculture, food, and medical applications.
Process development: microwave heating, extraction of bioactive components, microfluidics nanoparticle synthesis.
Mathematical modeling: numerical modeling of bioprocesses involving multiphysics phenomena.

The Principal Investigator of this laboratory is Professor Cristina M. Sabliov, Ph.D.
Please have a look around! We invite you to meet our group, learn about the research we do, and contact us if you have any questions.

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